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Protects your eyes from the damage and strain caused by computer screens
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Eye Saver is intended to protect your eyesight, specially when you spend long hours in front of a computer. Thus, this simple utility comes in especially handy for office workers, writers, students, gamers and computer addicts. All it does is automatically adjusting your screen parameters in such a way that the possible damage and strain caused to your eyes is minimized.

What Eye Saver does is mostly filtering out the screen blue light, which is harmful to the eye and can also lead to insomnia. Likewise, it can also prevent eye strain by removing the flickering of your display’s backlight.

The program is quite unobtrusive: it runs from the System Tray and does not bother you unless you configure it to show break alerts at given intervals. Furthermore, it does not use a lot of system resources nor does it interfere with other active programs. The interface is very user-friendly. It has three tabs: Screen, Breaks and Misc, which let you adjust screen parameters, schedule breaks and set automatic start with the system respectively.

As to configuring your screen, there are various built-in modes, including Health, Movie, Hacker, Reading 1, Reading 2, Reading 3 and Overlay. It is also possible to disable the modes altogether or to manually adjust Brightness and Blue Filter levels. It is a shame that it does not allow saving your preferences under a new mode. However, it is excellent that you can set automation rules, which would switch the screen mode automatically according to the program running at the moment. Unfortunately, you cannot get any on-screen clues in relation to the differences and the proper use of these modes.

Finally, Eye Saver can show frequent alerts advising to take a break from the computer screen. In this regard, you can decide on such aspects as break duration and intervals between breaks. Moreover, there is something called “micro pauses”, which consist in showing a tiny alert that advises you to look at something at least 10 meters away for ten seconds.

In short, Eye Saver is probably not the best tool of its type out there. However, it is unobtrusive and easy to use. Moreover, it is supposed to preserve your eyes from the negative impact of ill-calibrated monitors. Luckily, this product is free and extremely light, so there is nothing to lose by giving it a try.

Pedro Castro
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  • Unobtrusive program
  • Various screen modes
  • Eliminates screen flickering
  • Advises you to take frequent breaks


  • No information as to the use of the different screen modes
  • Does not allow creating personalized modes
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